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My family moved to Reading in 2006 in search of a bigger house (growing family) with a bigger yard for said family to enjoy. After 7 years on a postage stamp lot in Medford (and growing up in apartments) I was ready for some land. (And, apparently, the bigger mortgage that comes with it!)
When deciding on a community to move to, my wife and I were looking for a town with a small-town feel, but with an vibrant downtown area within walking distance. Reading fit the bill. As we've come to discover over the past 6 years, it fits perfectly. When not blogging and posting on Patch, I work as Studio Manager for a Boston advertising agency, paint watercolors as a gallery artist, and generally enjoy rasing my family in a town I love. As a Town Meeting Member for Precinct 7, I'm active in local issues and willing to have an open discussion about the issues facing the Town. Agree or disagree with me, the discussion is my primary goal. For out of the discussion comes solutions.
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