Marathon Profile: Dani Holmes-Kirk Runs for Stroke Awareness

Her grandparents suffered from strokes, and she's running the Boston Marathon with Tedy's Team, organized by former New England Patriots player Tedy Bruschi.

The 117th running of the Boston Marathon takes place April 15, and this week we'll be posting profiles of local runners who are taking on the marathon this year—and supporting good causes while they're at it.

Most of these runners shared their stories here, and the words below are their words. If you're running the Boston Marathon this year, feel free to share your story.

Name: Dani Holmes-Kirk

Age: 30

Marathon experience: I have run two marathons and Boston will be my third. I ran Clarence DeMar in September 2006 and finished in 5:59:27, and I ran Rock 'n' Roll Savannah in November 2012 and finished in 3:58:49.

Reason for running: I am running with Tedy's Team, headed by former New England Patriot Tedy Bruschi, to raise money and awareness for the American Stroke Association. I am running in honor of my "stroke heroes"—my grandparents. They both are stroke survivors. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away unexpectedly in December 2012, which makes the marathon even more special.

I am excited to announce I reached my first ($5,000) and second fundraising goals ($5,400)!


One of the biggest fundraisers was the charity 5K I put on in my neighborhood (Ten Hills) for my 30th birthday on September 16, 2012. I was able to raise $1,000 through that, in person and with a virtual event.


Traning tip: If possible, train as much as you can along the course itself. Every Saturday morning Tedy's Team organizes a group run for their group and it is along parts of the actual Boston Marathon course, which is great. I feel much more familiar with what I am going to face on race day. Additionally, I have now run Heartbreak Hill at least a half a dozen times and now it's not as scary or daunting as before I started training.


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