You Ask, Patch Answers: When's the Last Day of School?

Snow days have lengthened the school year in Somerville. See when school's out for summer.

Thanks to the recent blizzard, which closed Somerville schools for a few days, a couple of people have asked, "When's the last day of school?"

You see, when students miss a day of school, they have to make it up at the end of the year.

I spoke briefly to Vince McKay, assistant superintendent of Somerville Public Schools, and he said the last day of school is currently scheduled for June 27.

Apparently, Somerville has already reached its allotment of canceled school days for the academic year.

The school district builds into its calendar the option of having five additional days of school in June, just in case it needs them due to snow days and other cancelations. Originally, the school year was supposed to end on June 20, McKay explained.

In addition to the three days missed earlier in February due to the blizzard, schools were closed for two days in October as a result of Hurricane Sandy, McKay explained. That's five days, and the school district is crossing its fingers there won't be more missed days.

So, what happens if Somerville is on the receiving end of another major snow storm or some other event that leads to canceled school?

McKay explained that, in such a case, the school district would have to have a discussion with teachers about how and when to make up those extra days. They could potentially be added to the end of the year, or maybe they could be taken from April vacation, to name a few options. The school district would have to cross that bridge if and when it gets there, and it's hoping not to get there.

Paula Woolley February 21, 2013 at 05:03 PM
Isn't cancelling the school holiday on Bunker Hill Day (Monday, March 18) on the table? In fact, Bunker Hill Day is on March 17th, so I don't know why we're even having a Monday observation of this "holiday." There's also no school on Good Friday, March 29th. I'd much rather use these 2 days toward the snow days than have school on June 26 and 27th, because there's no air conditioning in my child's school (or at Somerville High), and the month of June is usually full of field trips and end-of-the-year activities, whereas in March, students are preparing for MCAS exams (and taking some) and AP exams, which both have predetermined dates. My family DOES observe Good Friday, but we go to the evening service because our employers don't close for the day, and I would send my kids to school if it were open. I think Good Friday should be treated like the holy days of other religions, with the chance for children and teachers to stay home to observe it.
jo March 01, 2013 at 07:57 PM
Actually Bunker Hill Day is 6/17 not 3/17 -thats evacuation day (or St. Patrick's Day)


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