Somerville Progressive Charter School Applies Again

Half a year after their application was denied by the state, supporters of a proposed Somerville charter school have renewed their effort.

Organizers of the Somerville Progressive Charter School have applied again for state approval to open a charter school in the city, according to an announcement from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education.

The new application comes about six months after for the school.

According to the announcement, the Somerville Progressive Charter School submitted a prospectus to the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education calling for a kindergarten-through-eighth-grade school that would enroll up to 520 students.

The school's previous proposal, that was denied in February, .

Earlier plans for the school received staunch opposition from city officials and the administration. 

In reaction to the charter school proposal, some parents in the public school system formed an opposition group called Progress Together for Somerville.

The charter school proposal also encouraged the Somerville school district to a model that gives greater autonomy to school administrators and leaders.

Selena Fitanides, a spokesperson for the Somerville Progressive Charter School, told Somerville Patch in February, after the school's first application was denied, that "We will apply and apply and apply until we get this school because we are committed to Somerville."

In regard to the new application, Fitanides told the Boston Globe that some of the wording in the application was clarified, but the mission remains the same: The charter school would focus on educating students who are learning English.

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