Kindergarten Program Expanded in Boston (Not in Roslindale)

The city is introducing 10 new classrooms through a partnership with seven community organizations.


The city of Boston and Boston Public Schools have expanded Boston's kindergarten program through new funding and partnerships with several community organizations. 

Mayor Thomas Menino and Superintendent Carol R. Johnson announced this week that 10 new kindergarten classes would be formed through funding from Boston Public Schools, the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and the Merrimack Valley and the Barr Foundation. None of the classrooms will be in Roslindale. 

“Providing our children a good and early start is so important to their success through high school and college,” Menino said. “We know this investment will result in high quality education for more of our youngest students, thanks to the work of our trusted community partners at the United Way.” 

Seven city organizations were selected for the grant funding. They are: Catholic Charities: Nazareth Child Care Center (Jamaica Plain); Dorchester Boy and Girls Club; East Boston YMCA; Ellis Memorial Early Education Center (South End); IBA: Escuelita Boriken (South End), N.I.C.E Inc. (Roxbury); and Wesley Child Care Center (Dorchester).   

Through the collaboration, the organizations will receive professional development training from BPS early education staff, along with professional coaching and the use of BPS curriculum. 

“Our goal is to provide every child in our city with the resources they need to succeed,” Johnson said. “By making more early education opportunities available to the families of Boston, we are making great strides in achieving our goal.”

This expansion will eventually serve up to 200 students, mostly 4-year-olds. 

Karen Kast January 08, 2013 at 04:25 PM
Except, these programs will charge tuition, only families with financial hardships will qualify for a free program. I am a Menino supporter, but this is not my idea of expanding K1 seats for all Boston families as such, but given our facility constraints etc it may be a *start*. Also, families should be aware that as the programs are not IN a BPS school there will not be a "priority" at any of the elementary schools for their child when it is time for K2, which is something that students who obtain a K1 seat in one of our actual schools DO get. So putting your child in one of these "preschool" programs (which is what BPS thinks of them as according to a twitter convo I had with @BostonSchools about this very issue last week) does not help you get the school you want for your child.
David Ertischek January 08, 2013 at 07:05 PM
That is a very good point, Karen. These programs charge tuition. And it sounds like these programs may hurt your child's chances of getting into the school you want.
Karen Kast January 08, 2013 at 08:48 PM
On the same page David! More info per my convo today with @BostonSchools (on twitter again): @Bpsnightmare btw - when will these seats b available? Sept 2013 or 2014? BostonPublicSchools @BostonSchools @bpsnightmare in many cases students already enrolled in orgs daycare programs will benefit as soon as teachers finish trainings. Karen Kast-McBride @bpsnightmare @BostonSchools okay they will benefit, but this is supposed 2 b 10 *new* classes - when will they open them up? BostonPublicSchools @BostonSchools @bpsnightmare They are new. It will be K1 classrooms that didn't exist before. Karen Kast-McBride @bpsnightmare @BostonSchools u said they would benefit kids in programs currently, so in effect r u saying those 10 classes r already filled? BostonPublicSchools @BostonSchools @bpsnightmare In some cases for this year, yes. As parents choose programs next school year they will have these options available. Karen Kast-McBride @bpsnightmare @BostonSchools this year being SY12-13, correct? BostonPublicSchools @BostonSchools @bpsnightmare Yes. Karen Kast-McBride @bpsnightmare @BostonSchools but won't programs give priority to younger children already serviced by them over new ppl for next year? BostonPublicSchools @BostonSchools @bpsnightmare It depends on the org & their admission guidelines.Either way these are kids who live in the city who now have access to K1.


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