PHOTOS: A Doggie Study Break at Tufts

On a rainy November afternoon in the middle of mid-terms, visiting dogs brightened up the day for Tufts students.

"Everyone loves puppies," said sophomore Chelsey Ott, 19.

Well, maybe not everyone, but based on the turnout Nov. 10 at Miller Hall, a dormatory on campus, nearly everyone.

Scores of students packed into the lobby of the dorm to say hello to a handful of dogs who were visiting campus.

Ott and other students helped organize the visit with help from the Tufts Office of Residential Life and Learning, and the dogs came from Dog B.O.N.E.S. (short for Dogs Building Opportunities for Nurturing and Emotional Support), a non-profit therapy dog organization.

Getting a visit from dogs helps relieve stress, and it's a good study break, said Ott. In November, mid-term exams and assignments are in full swing, and finals are around the corner. Also, it's a time of year when students "are starting to miss family pets and stuff," Ott said.

The visiting canines were all certified therapy dogs, and based on the exuberant reaction from students, the visit was a success.

The therapy dogs visited Miller Hall a few times last year, said Ott, and "now it's probably the most looked forward to program on campus.

Asked which dog was her favorite, Ott said, "Oh, I couldn't pick ... they're all adorable."

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