Somerville's Top Ten Taxpayers

See who's paying the most taxes in Somerville.

Congratulations. You made it through tax day.

When it comes to taxes in Somerville, below is a list of the top ten payers in fiscal year 2012.

Somerville's top ten taxpayers, together, control property valued at around $365 million and they pay nearly $8 million to Somerville—about 7.6 percent of the city's overall tax levy.  

Name of business Nature of business Total assessed valuation Tax amount Percent of total tax levy NSTAR Electric Co. Electric company $62,673,210 $1,369,409 1.3% FR Assembly Square LLC Shopping mall, 133 Middlesex Ave. $62,624,000 $1,368,334 1.3% Twin City Plaza LLC Retail mall, 22 McGrath Highway $54,938,000 $1,200,395 1.1% I-93 Somerville LLC Retail, 75 Mystic Ave. $36,000,000 $786,600 0.8% CRP 70 Inner Belt LLC Telecommunications (CoreSite Data Center), 70 Inner Belt Rd. $33,680,000 $735,908 0.7% Kadima Medical Properties Professional building (home to , etc.), 40 Holland St. $32,094,100 $701,256 0.7% National Tax Searc LLC Office building (housing , etc.), 5 Middlesex Ave. $24,275,800 $530,426 0.5% ST Retail Inc. & FR Sturtevant St. LLC Developable land, 123, 74 and 85 Foley St. (Assembly Square) $20,923,200 $457,171 0.4% NSTAR Gas Company Gas company $20,454,580 $446,932 0.4% IKEA Property Inc. Developable land $18,301,200 $399,881 0.4% Total $365,964,090 $7,996,315 7.6%

The list is similar to last year's top ten, with a few changes.


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