Signs Could Point the Way to City's Squares

Plus three things that could make bicycling better in Somerville in 2012.

, members of the Somerville Bicycle Committee have suggested that the city post signs directing cyclists toward alternative routes to popular destinations like Porter Square. 

Member Brian Postlewaite said during the December meeting that he would develop a map with possible routes that he would present to the rest of the committee. 

While bicycling on , there should be several new programs and facilities created for cyclists this year. 

  • The Hubway bike share program should arrive in Somerville this spring, bringing with it eight stations that will each hold 10 bicycles. 
  • , in addition to the 11 it painted in 2011 and the 10 it painted the year before. 
  • The city also intends to unveil a that was supposed to begin in May. By using signs, police enforcement and other initiatives, Somerville plans to get pedestrians, cyclists and motorists to share the streets safely. As of April, the campaign included messages such as "Ride four feet from car doors” and “Everyone give pedestrians a brake.”


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