See Who's Running for Office in Somerville in 2013

With several contested races and a number of fresh faces, 2013 promises to be an exciting election season in Somerville.

Correction: A previous version of this article said there was one contested ward election in 2011. In fact, there were three: in wards 3, 4 and 7. The correction has been made below.


We now know who's officially running for office in Somerville in 2013.

The following candidates have all submitted signatures and had their signatures certified by the Somerville Election Department, which means they will appear on ballots this fall.

Scroll down to see their names.

Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone is running unopposed for a sixth term in office. Assuming he serves at least part of his sixth term, he will have served more consecutive years in office than any mayor in Somerville's history—longer than Eugene Brune and longer than Michael Capuano.

When it comes to the Somerville Board of Aldermen and the Somerville School Committee, 2013 promises to be an exciting election season.

In the election for the Somerville Board of Aldermen, there are contests in four of Somerville's seven wards, and seven candidates are running for four at-large seats on the Board. Because incumbent At-Large Alderman Bruce Desmond is not running, there will be at least one new at-large alderman in the city.

By comparison, in the city's last local election, in 2011, there were contested elections in three wards, and while seven candidates ran for an at-large seat, the four incumbents won.

As many as eight women could be serving on the Board of Aldermen when the elections are over.

As for the School Committee, there are contested elections in three of Somerville's seven wards. In 2011, there were no contested elections for School Committee.

In ward races with more than two candidates, there will be a preliminary election in September, with the top two finishers moving onto the final election in November. All seven candidates for alderman at large will be on the ballot in November, with the top four finishers taking seats on the Board of Aldermen.

The preliminary election takes place Sept. 24.

The final election takes place Nov. 5.


  • Joseph Curtatone (incumbent)

Somerville Board of Aldermen

Alderman At Large (four serve on the Board of Aldermen)

  • John Connolly (incumbent)
  • Dennis Michael Sullivan (incumbent)
  • William White (incumbent)
  • Carol A. Dempkowski
  • Sean Fitzgerald
  • William A. Medeiros
  • Mary Jo Rossetti

Ward 1

  • Maureen Bastardi (incumbent)
  • Elio LoRusso
  • Matthew McLaughlin

Ward 2

  • Maryann Heuston (incumbent)

Ward 3

  • Suzanne W. Bremer
  • Stephen A. Delani
  • Matthew Desmond
  • Robert J. McWatters

Ward 4

  • Tony Lafuente (incumbent)

Ward 5

  • Courtney K. O'Keefe (incumbent)
  • Mark Niedergang

Ward 6

  • Rebekah L. Gewirtz (incumbent)

Ward 7

  • Katjana Ballantyne
  • Joseph A. Capuano

Somerville School Committee

Ward 1

  • Stephen P. Roix (incumbent)
  • Kenneth M. Salvato

Ward 2

  • Dan J. Futrell
  • Michael D. Nionakis

Ward 3

  • Adam W. Sweeting (incumbent)

Ward 4

  • Christine Theberge Rafal (incumbent)

Ward 5

  • Laura Pitone
  • Ross Richmond
  • Caroline Shea Rosas

Ward 6

  • Paul Bockelman (incumbent)

Ward 7

  • Caroline Lynch Normand
jason sarajevo June 19, 2013 at 01:37 PM
Looks like they forgot to put the "incumbent" designation next to Rebekah for ward 6.
Chris Orchard June 19, 2013 at 02:40 PM
Hi Jason. You're right, I did forget to write incumbent next to her name. It should be fixed now. Thanks for pointing that out.
Carrie Normand June 19, 2013 at 03:15 PM
Most people know me as Carrie Normand, not Caroline Lynch Normand as listed as the Ward 7 candidate for School Committee. I used my full name when I registered to vote way back when.
Julie the Jarhead June 19, 2013 at 07:09 PM
Looks like most of the candidates are running for vacant seats.
jason sarajevo June 19, 2013 at 10:38 PM
While we're nitpicking Chris, one could argue that in the alderman races in Wards 1 and 5 there are no incumbents, since the two you show as incumbents are actually not elected, but are just in interim roles (like Mo Cowan sitting in John Kerry's Senate seat) riding out the last few months of the term. And for Mrs. Jarhead there, yep, 5 open alderman seats (1,3,5,7 + one at-large) and 4 open school committee seats (1,2,5 & 7). City gov is gonna have a whole new look come Jan 1.


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