Maria Curtatone Wins Register of Deeds Primary for Middlesex South

Curtatone topped a field of six Democratic contenders in a tight primary race for the South Middlesex register of deeds. No Republicans ran.

With 382 out of 385 precincts reporting, it appeard that Maria Curtatone, a lawyer from Somerville, won Thursday's Democratic primary for register of deeds in Middlesex County's southern district.

At 12:30 a.m. Sept. 7, according to unofficial results compiled from Boston.com and the Waltham election office, Maria Curtatone received 14,524 votes. Her closest competitor, Maryann Heuston, also from Somerville, received 12,971 votes.

With a 1,553 vote lead for Curtatone as of 12:30 a.m., it did not appear that results from the remaining three precincts in Townsend would alter the outcome of the primary.

Curtatone defeated in what was the de facto election for the office. No Republican candidates ran for the office, so Curtatone will be unopposed in November's general election.

The register of deeds is responsible for overseeing records and documents related to real estate. If you're a homeowner, your mortgage, property title, condominium documents and other real estate records are maintained by the register of deeds.

The Middlesex South district consists of 44 towns and cities in Middlesex County. 

Having won the primary, Curtatone is lined up to take over as register of deeds from Eugene Brune, who served in the office for 24 years and is retiring. Perviously, Brune was mayor of Somerville.

Curtatone's younger brother, Joseph Curtatone, is the current mayor of Somerville.

Joanie Gentian September 08, 2012 at 03:06 AM
Out here in the northwest corner of Middlesex County (apparently we are in South Middlesex because when given the option of going to Lowell, North Middlesex, it was easier to take the train to Cambridge than the horse and buggy to Lowell)...I had no idea how to assess who to vote for. The day before the election, all sorts of placards and fliers came in the mail, and robo-calls on the phone. Some called it Register, others Registrar, and one of the robo calls was completely unintelligible. Curtatone sent 2 robo-calls, one from her and the other from her kid. I suspect that may have won her the seat as she got her name across. The one in my family who voted for her said he did so because she had put some effort into running (which was important to him as a recent intern on another campaign). I ended up voting for the person with the most endorsements printed on their flier...I was a bit put off by the robo-call kid, remembering the "Tim for Treasurer" campaign with less than fondness. But really I did not like not knowing who I was voting for ( I am spoiled by living so close to NH, and think all candidates for everything should be as easy to meet in person as are the presidential candidates). Anyway, I pretty much agree with most of the comments here, Sorry about Townsend...where the voting machines were breaking down all day and write-ins omitted first names, gumming the rest of the process up.
Jason September 09, 2012 at 11:22 AM
Yep, she spent the most on signs, that's for sure. Even had a junk car parked on broadway for a few weeks with her name on it....bet she did not move it like should have every 3 days....lol...nothing like being connected.. Good luck Maria.
Fran's Schlossman September 09, 2012 at 02:21 PM
I voted for Maria for some of the same reasons stated by others obove. By the way, I believe Register (Registrar?) of Deeds is a position one can fill while keeping One's private sector job. A sweet deal. Pls correct me if I am wrong
Pamela Dritt September 14, 2012 at 11:26 PM
Jonah Petri, I totally agree.
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