Local Kids Visit Obama's Old Somerville Apartment

Children at Somerville's Elizabeth Peabody House were eager to learn that President Barack Obama once lived in the same neighborhood, according to Boston.com.

When Barack Obama was a law student at Harvard in the late 1980s and early 1990s, he rented an apartment in Somerville's Winter Hill, at 365 Broadway.

Recently, kids at the Elizabeth Peabody House took a field trip to the president's old apartment. They didn't have to walk far; the Elizabeth Peabody House, a family services organization, is three blocks away, at 277 Broadway.

Boston.com accompanied the kids on their field trip and has a great report about it. Among other things, the kids met Obama's old landlord and asked about the president's life in Somerville. They learned, for instance, that Obama always paid his rent but sometimes got parking tickets.

It was the first time Obama's former Somerville landlord, Jay Holmes, talked about the matter, Boston.com says.

Above all, the kids seemed somewhat shocked to be so close to a slice of presidential history.

The article is worth a read.

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