Kerry Says Control of Senate, National Agenda at Stake in Warren/Brown Race

Kerry did not attack his senatorial colleague, Scott Brown, but he said Republican control of the Senate—which Brown could deliver if reelected—would be bad for Massachusetts.

Sen. John Kerry, speaking in Somerville Monday morning, said control of the Senate, and as a result, control of the national agenda, is at stake in the race between Sen. Scott Brown, a Republican, and his Democratic challenger, Elizabeth Warren.

Kerry, speaking at Davis Square's NGP VAN, a tech firm that works on Democratic campaigns, went out of his way to say nothing bad about Brown, his senatorial colleague.

He did say that Brown, if reelected, could be the deciding vote to hand control of the Senate to Republicans, which would have consequences for the country.

Kerry referred to environmental policy, foreign policy and Supreme Court nominations as areas where the Republican party differs from the will of Massachusetts voters.

A Senate controlled by Republican Mitch McConnell as opposed to Democrat Harry Reid would be bad for Massachusetts voters, Kerry said.

Somerville Patch will provide video of Kerry's talk in Somerville shortly.

Matt C September 25, 2012 at 02:16 AM
you should be weary... if the GOP wins they might try to repeal physics,
DM September 25, 2012 at 11:30 AM
Lol. Now thats right after the dems ban thinking . Isnt that right Professor Warren aka no law license lucy...
Matt C September 25, 2012 at 04:47 PM
That's right, because by reintroducing creationism to our schools allows us to broaden the way we think and thus prepare us for future scientific discoveries allowing us to maintain our dominance in scientific thought even as number of new scientists and engineers drop in the US... Can we just go back to claiming Obama is a pinko commie Kenyan and believing that Romney, really thinks it is stupid that windows on planes should be able to open. Though i used sarcasm I think we have to agree that the biggest impediment to the success of this country is not the tax rate of the top .001% of earners, immigration or the right of an individual to amass a stockpile of .50 automatic weapons... rather it is the vitriol, spin, and the anathema of compromise we see in our so-called leaders. Fixing this does not begin with single party rule, rather a shift in tone, a shift away from "I will never do XXX" pledges, a shift towards real governance. We the voters are the only one who can do this by electing leaders who not only represent us but are also willing to listen to other opinions and find common ground. MA is branded as a liberal bastion, I would say we are not - rather we are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. We believe that the american dream exists, but we cannot forget about those less fortunate or able. We know where we came from, we know that together we built this country, our sons and fathers died for it and only together can we maintain it.
DM September 25, 2012 at 05:57 PM
We can agree, because we have no agenda . American people as a whole believe in the american dream that was once a staple in our country and one belief that even the president held true and pure. But todays american dream is that only a dream to many. We were sold on owning our own buisness, owning a house, taking out credit to live that dream, only that mindset was figured out by individuels that if you can sell this dream to millions on the cusp of it you can make a fortune off of it. Thats what america is now. Agenda, and lobbyist and lies. We need compromise at the top, and we need representation of the voters that cannot donate millions and buy campaigns. Number one thing affecting this country is uneducated, uniformed individuels. This is the biggest threat to our country as we know it.
Bob Pueschel October 18, 2012 at 03:14 PM
Senator Kerry are you more interesred in the Democrats controlling the Senate or the good of the country. The country has more of a chance with Senator Brown. When was the last time you worked with or voted with the Rebublicans for the common good?


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