David Rajczewski: A 'Liberal Republican' Challenging Sciortino

A look at what makes Rajczewski tick.

David Rajczewski is a Medford Republican running against incumbent State Rep. Carl Sciortino in the 34th Middlesex District.

The district covers West Somerville and Winter Hill and the southern part of Medford.

Patch contacted Rajczewski to arrange an interview, and in response the candidate referred us to his website, balancefor34th.org.

Below are some excerpts from the website.


"Democracy demands participation.  Send a message for moderation in Massachusetts by voting Republican in 2012. 

I'm a liberal Republican running for State Representative to provide a choice, and a choice for balance this year in the 34th Middlesex.  The Medford/Somerville district is currently represented by an incumbent Democrat who is very progressive, but progressive well out of proportion to the only somewhat progressive electorate."


"Fundamentally and irretractably, if elected my goal is to "work well with others" and represent all of the people of the district the best I can, including Democrats, independents, and members of all other parties.  Generally, I am a "moderate" or "liberal" Republican, meaning "moderate or liberal on social issues and conservative on fiscal issues."

Unintrusive government

"The small, unintrusive government we Republicans so frequently speak of has no place pushing into personal lives and personal decisions of adults.  Some Republicans don't agree and prefer to characterize the Party as only ever all about 'conservative values'.  I disagree with that 'small tent' characterization and those efforts to limit liberty."

Pro choice, pro gay marriage

"I am vehemently opposed to prohibitions on abortion and to thinly disguised efforts to constrain it."

and ...

"For marriage as an enforceable contract, equal opportunity and equal protection trump.  Legal kinship and state enforcement is opportunity that ought to be available equally."

Against individual mandate

"Individual mandate is an unavoidable tax, it's a tax on the act of living.  When viewed as a penalty, it's a punishment that requires every adult to prove innocence to avoid it, and then to do that every single year until they die." 

Pro Green Line Extension

"Since the modern efforts began (about 2004), I've been active in support of bringing the Greenline to Somerville and Medford."


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