Corporate Sponsorships for MBTA Stops?

Would it bother you if Park Street Station were renamed, for revenue's sake?

Officials from the MBTA presented a plan Tuesday to begin selling naming rights for 11 stops in its subway network, and they hope to eventually put the names of all their stops out to bid, according to the Boston Globe.

The proposal would allow for the winning bidder to add its name to the beginning of the title of historical stops, it would be included on maps and signs and called out by conductors. 

If the MBTA goes through with the plans, Boston would join Chicago as the only city with a major subway system to the naming rights to all its stops, according to the Globe.

The first batch of stops the T is looking to put out to bid includes: Downtown Crossing, South Station, Park Street, Back Bay, North Station, Airport, Copley Square, State Street, Boylston, Harvard, Kendall.

Some stations could bring in up to $1.7 million annually through selling naming rights, according to BostInno. The MBTA's financial woes have been well-documented. It is implementing fare increases and some service cuts July 1 to help shore up a previously-projected $161 million shortfall in 2013.

Sylvia deMurias July 02, 2012 at 11:16 AM
I am sad to think corporate America may infringe further into our lives in this way, in addition to possibly making. navigating the city even more complicated - how have we gotten to this weird place?
Somerville Home Owner July 02, 2012 at 01:10 PM
Does not make sense. Every time a stop changes name it will cause confusion and there will be cost in changing all the signs, websites, voice prompts on train, etc. really bad idea.


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