Capuano Talks National Issues on SCATV

It you want to know where Somerville's congressman, Michael Capuano, stands on important national issues of the day, check out SCATV's "Talking About Somerville."

Somerville Congressman Micheal Capuano recently sat down for an hour-long interview with David Osborne, host of "Talking About Somerville."

In the interview, which was released online Tuesday afternoon, the congressman talked about an array of national issues, including taxes, the economic recovery, budgets, health care reform, medicare, the national debt, social security, global warming, national defense, campaign finances, the presidential election and the upcoming Senate race in Massachusetts.

Some of the most interesting moments involved his thoughts on campaign fundraising and political action committees. "Outside money" isn't such a big problem in politics, though a lack of transparency about where that money comes from is a problem, he argued. He also said politicians spend way too much time raising money for campaigns.

He also predicted a tight race this fall between Republican Sen. Scott Brown and his presumptive challenger, Elizabeth Warren.

To see the whole interview, click here.


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