Bio-Terror Testing to Continue at Davis, Porter, Harvard Stations

The Department of Homeland Security and MBTA are using a non-dangerous and dead bacteria to test a network of bio-terror sensors in the subway system.

Beginning early in the morning on Oct. 24, the MBTA and Department of Homeland Security will continue testing a network of sensors that are designed to alert authorities to potential bio-terror attacks in the subway system.

To test the sensors, which are meant to rapidly detect biological material, researchers will release non-dangerous bacterium in Davis, Porter and Harvard stations, according to an email from the MBTA.

The bacterium researchers are using, which is approved as a food supplement, is killed and "harmless," according to the MBTA's email. Testing will take place in early-morning hours when the MBTA is not operating.

Testing began in August, and further tests will take place periodically over the next year, the email says.

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