Union Square Bank Robbed for Second Time in Two Weeks, Police Search for Suspect

The suspect is a white woman, about five-feet one-inch tall, and she had a scarf across her face.

Somerville Police are searching for the suspect who robbed the Citizens Bank in Union Square on Tuesday morning. It was the second time the bank was robbed in about two weeks.

Somerville Patch reported initial reports about the robbery Tuesday.

The suspect is a white female, about five-feet one-inch tall, with a medium build, according to an announcement from Somerville Police. The announcement says: "She was wearing a dark jacket and dark hooded sweat shirt and white pants. She also had a scarf across her face. The suspect fled the bank on foot."

According to the announcement, the woman robbed the bank, at 40 Union Square, shortly after 11 a.m. She passed a note demanding cash, threatened that she had a gun and fled with an undisclosed amount of cash, the announcement says.

She fled the bank on foot, and "there is no video of the suspect available," according to the announcement.


Somerville Police and the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force are investigating the robbery, and anyone with information should call police at (617) 625-1212.

kelly McDonough November 03, 2012 at 03:19 PM
Hope they take her Daughter away and she goes to Framingham, she has shown a complete disregard for people and Laws all her life. Rot in Framingham.
Marisa Rose November 19, 2012 at 11:43 PM
I Regret to agree with you Kelly. Sadly, but true. Laina Burke is a very disturbed young woman. She has been in Framingham State Prison several times, but apparently has a "death wish" She assaulted my son when he was just a minor, and try to slander my daughters name. Pay backs a bitch you @#$%!@^ Psycho!!! Rot!
renee gonda December 09, 2012 at 06:10 PM
Marisa Iaocabucci, i think since you are 20 plus years her senior, you should be real proud of yourself for picking on a 26 year old. and i think you have it all wrong. I heard it was your son Matthew who tried to touch her child and a police report was filed and is on record of that incident. Your daughters name is already slandered, just google her name Desiree Iaocabucci and you will see her numerous busts for heroin, needles and trying to conceal them on her person. So i dont think her name was slandered, she did that all to herself by becoming a heroin addict and a stripper all by the age of 23. And you I heard have been to framingham just last year when you lived in medford but skipped out on that appt because you didnt pay rent for just about the whole time you lived there. I think that is your M.O - you rent a place, dont pay rent then skip between MA and NH. and word around Somerville is you have gained massive amounts of weight, only put headshots on your dating website photos and when the guys meet you they RUN for the hills! you spend your days not working, not doing anything productive except taking your klonapin and wallowing in your gross existance. So before you go and open your mouth about someone much younger than you, look at your old self. Im sure all those years of being molested by your dad have caught up with you. you seem like your already rotting. thats such a sad existance!


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