Tsarnaev Brothers Ate at Somerville Restaurant After Boston Marathon Bombing

The brothers dined with Khairullozhon Matanov, who is being charged with obstructing the investigation into the attacks.

Man-O-Salwa Kabob & Grill. Credit: Sharon F. on Yelp
Man-O-Salwa Kabob & Grill. Credit: Sharon F. on Yelp

Boston Marathon bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev ate at Man-O-Salwa Kabob & Grill on Summer Street in Somerville about 40 minutes after the April 15, 2013 attack, according to ABC News’ Michele McPhee.

The brothers dined with Khairullozhon Matanov, a 23-year-old Quincy cab driver who is being federally charged with obstructing the investigation into the attacks. Matanov pleaded not guilty Wednesday to the charges against him, McPhee reports.

The eatery is less than a mile from the Tsarnaevs’ Cambridge apartment. Matanov was friends with the brothers, according to authorities.

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Andie June 05, 2014 at 07:32 AM
AHM...I agree. Boat man should of killed first and answered questions later. No one would have blamed him.
JohnnyMass June 05, 2014 at 11:02 AM
Too bad they didn't choke to death on the meal!
Dirk Diggler June 05, 2014 at 04:53 PM
I think its really inappropriate and not at all newsworthy to mention the name of the restaurant. From the comments here and on other articles its clear that people are inferring some culpability on the part of the restaurant when at this point it was just a place where they got food and met with someone. I hope this negative publicity doesn't hurt a small business.
Jared Lucas Nathanson June 06, 2014 at 12:08 PM
Yes, this is not a story. They brushed their teeth with Crest, so Crest is to blame. They lived in Boston. They probably patronized lots of local restaurants and shops and other businesses. They might have even voted for politicians who now we can also blame. This isn't a story, its a cruel thing to do to a local business.
Frank Mulligan June 11, 2014 at 07:33 PM
They come to the United Statrs. to learn what they want. Then they COMMITT a CRIME. That's Why don't WASTE TAX payer's$$$$$$$$$$$.


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