Somerville Sheriff's Department Sergeant Guilty on Cocaine Charges

The sheriff's officer was pressuring an inmate for money and drugs and conducted a drug transaction with an undercover state trooper, according to the district attorney's office.

Michael Dell'Isola, 52, of Somerville, a sergeant with the Middlesex County Sheriff's Department, was found guilty Wednesday on charges that he received money and cocaine from an undercover state trooper, according to an announcement from the Middlesex District Attorney's office.

Dell'Isola was found guilty after a six-day jury trial in Middlesex Superior Court, the announcement says.

According to a statement from Middlesex County District Attorney Gerard Leone, "This defendant abused his position of authority by participating in illegal drug activities while on duty as a sergeant in the Middlesex Sheriff's Department."

According to the DA's office, Dell'Isola was pressuring an inmate to provide him with money and cocaine, and in an investigation into the matter, state police followed several phone calls in which Dell'Isola told an undercover officer he wanted the money and drugs.

On May 2, 2011, Dell'Isola met with an undercover officer at a coffee shop in Woburn, and the trooper handed Dell'Isola a coffee cup filled with cocaine and $500, the announcement says. He was subsequently arrested.

In court Wednesday, Middlesex Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Fahey sentenced Dell'Isola to one year in prison, six months to be served, and the remainder suspended for five years following probation conditions, which includes attending a drug treatment program, according to the announcement.

The actions of Mr. Dell'Isola in this case are troubling, but they should not be allowed to taint the good work performed each and every day by the dedicated men and women of the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office.

Middlesex County Sheriff Peter Koutoujian, in a statement, said the sheriff's internal affairs office worked with state police and the district attorney's office on the investigation.

"The actions of Mr. Dell'Isola in this case are troubling, but they should not be allowed to taint the good work performed each and every day by the dedicated men and women of the Middlesex Sheriff's Office," he said. "I would like to thank the Massachusetts State Police and District Attorney Gerry Leone and his staff for their hard work and professionalism throughout this case."

Carol September 14, 2012 at 08:33 AM
Michael Dell'Isola was arrested for "Trafficing." Sixteen months later a jury found him guilty of a lesser charge...."possession" and with no intent to sell. In your first sentance you state the sheriff was "pressuring" an inmate, when in fact the inmate had him set up to get a reduced sentence for himself in which he was successful. The inmate saw this opportunity to benefit himself. This could even be considered entrapment. He did not pressure the inmate. Mr. Dell'Isola has had a cocaine problem for many years when in fact the Sheriff's Dept. looked the other way when they should have suggested he seek treatment. The sherriff has a clean record and has never been in trouble with the law. This was just a matter of the Sheriff's Dept. wanting to rid themselves of someone who was not shy about speaking up and tells it the way it is. He a good man who had a cocaine problem and did not deserve this treatment.
Chris Orchard September 14, 2012 at 12:40 PM
Thanks for your comment, Carol. I think your perspective on this matter is valuable. I should also stress that, as stated in the article, this information comes from the district attorney's office in regard to the jury finding Mr. Dell'Isola guilty.
Cindy September 15, 2012 at 03:07 AM
The story line should be MIddlesex DA's Office & the Middlesex Sheriff's Dept have egg on their face.The facts of the story should be: After a lengthy investigation of allegations that Sargent Michael Dellisola "pressured" an inmate for money and cocaine "Michael Dellisola has been found NOT guilty of trafficking cocaine NOT guilty of intent to distribute. Dellisola was ONLY found guilty of possession, a misdemeanor The DA'sOffice the Middlesx Sherriff Dept & the media should be ashamed of themselves for releasing &reporting inaccurate information. To take allegations and "throw one of their own under the bus" for political gain is an atrocity. To have had the opportunity to listen to the testimony presented at trial & to have borne witness to the events during the trial and now read the excerpts from a press release filled with mistruths Combined with the twisted interpretation by the journalists who are expected to report the facts, is so disheartening Dellisola was NOT convicted of buying drugs He was given the cocaine for FREE Dellisola was NOTconvicted of receiving money &cocaine as the media has stated, he was convicted of possession. Dellisola was not fired He resigned. Pressuring of the detainee by Dellisola was never proved and phone calls were made TO Dellisola and they were NEVER recorded.Let the truth be told. Dellisola was "set up" " baited" and "on the hook" of a detainee. And what did this detainee receive in return? A reduced sentence. Go figure.


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