Somerville Man Caught 'Piggybacking' at T Station, Say Police

When police caught the alleged fare-evading scofflaw, they discovered there was a warrant for his arrest, according to transit police.

Credit: MBTA Transit Police/tpdnews411.com
Credit: MBTA Transit Police/tpdnews411.com
MBTA Transit Police caught a Somerville man "piggybacking" at Park Street Station in Boston, according to the transit police website.

At about 4:45 p.m. on Tuesday, police observed 36-year-old James Wilson, on the unpaid side of the fare gates, trying to coax customers on the already-paid side to come near the gates, police said.

Eventually, he convinced a rider to come close enough to the gate that it activated and opened, and then Wilson slipped through the gate without paying, according to transit police. The process is called "piggybacking."

When police stopped him, they learned there was a warrant for his arrest, out of Brookline District Court, for shoplifting, the website says.

Transit police arrested Wilson, and they also issued him a citation for fare evasion. 


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