Police Respond to Spike in Home Break-Ins in Eastern Somerville

Police have recovered some of the property after arrests and the execution of a search warrant in Charlestown.

The eastern part of Somerville has seen a series of home break-ins in recent weeks, and Somerville police have made some arrests they believe may be connected to the break-ins.

According to information provided by the Somerville Police Department, there were 15 breaking-and-entering reports in the eastern part of the city from Aug. 13 to Aug. 20. This includes areas in East Somerville, around Union Square, near the Cambridge border around Inman Square and into the central part of the city.

Police reports say there's been a "surge" and "spike" in break-ins in recent weeks.

In many of the break-ins, people reported having items stolen such as jewelry, cash, bicycles, laptops and other electronics.

According to Deputy Chief Paul Upton of the Somerville Police Department, police have recovered several stolen laptops and made some arrests. Police also recovered items after executing a search warrant in Charlestown, Upton said in an email.

According to , at about 11 p.m. on Aug. 17, detectives from the Boston Police Department assisted Somerville police in the execution of a search warrant on Corey Street. They seized several laptops, cameras, watches, and computer disk drives all reported stolen.

On that same day, Somerville police arrested a man near  who allegeldy had stolen laptops and cameras. The man, Shukry Juma, 31, of Charlestown, had previously been arrested on July 25 and Aug. 3 and accused of being in possession of stolen laptops, according to a police report.

In another incident, on Aug. 16 police pulled over a car on Glen Street in East Somerville and found two laptops that had recently been reported stolen, according to a police report.

Upton said he hopes the arrests and property recoveries will have an impact, and in an email sent Thursday morning he noted there haven't been any reported break-ins since Aug. 20.


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