Police Report: Alleged Steak Thief Captured in Parking Lot of Market Basket

A man used a sartorial trick in an attempt to filch strip steaks from the supermarket, according to allegations in a police report.

A man used sneaky means in an attempt to shoplift $122 worth of beef strip steaks from Market Basket, according to allegations in a Somerville police report.

According to the report, the man, 38-year-old Jayson Hebert, of Everett, was walking around the store on Jan. 6 wearing a tan jacket but "carrying a second jacket with the sleeves knotted at the cuffs."

The store manager monitored Hebert and alerted the police officer on detail at the supermarket, and the two waited for Hebert at the front of the store, the report says.

When Hebert walked out of the store without paying for anything, the police officer noticed the jacket hung over Hebert's shoulder was bulky, "as if it contained something," according to the report.

When the officer confronted Hebert, the alleged shoplifter tried to run away through the parking lot, but he fell and the officer handcuffed him after a brief struggle, the report says. 

According to the report, Hebert had six packages of natural beef strip steaks in his jacket.

He was arrested and charged with shoplifting and resisting arrest. He was also arrested on a warrant for shoplifting.

Please remember that allegations contained in police reports do not indicate a conviction.


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