Police Booking Log: Woman Caught Selling Half Hour of Sexual Services for $140

The following arrest information was supplied by the Somerville Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

Arrests made by the Somerville Police Department from Nov. 13 to Nov. 18. Please remember that the charges listed below do not indicate a conviction.

Assault and battery

On Nov. 15, Junior Dornevil, 23, of Medford, was arrested at 3 Beacon St., and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery and disorderly conduct. Dornevil is accused of trying to run over a predestrian in Inman Square while driving his Papa John's Pizza car.

Larceny and theft

On Nov. 13, Kwesi George, 21, was arrested at 20 Canal Lane and charged with trespassing, violating an abuse prevention order, larceny, stalking in violation of a restraining order, witness intimidation, and breaking and entering.

On Nov. 14, a juvenile was arrested at 109 Gilman St. and charged with receiving stolen property, possession of a dangerous weapon and a violation in regard to operating a motorized scooter. Another juvenile, wanted on a warrant for breaking and entering, was arrested and charged with receiving stolen property. According to a police report, police found encountered the two juveniles, who were accused of punching someone near the Capuano School. One of the juveniles was riding a scooter without wearing a helmet, but jumped off when police arrived, the report say. It turns out the scooter was reported stolen out of Revere, the report says.  

Drug-related arrests

On Nov. 16, Jesus Acevedo, 28, of New Bedford, was arrested at 18 Bond St. and charged with drug possession and conspiracy to violate drug law. Alex Tejada-Pena, 21, was arrested and charged with drug possession, conspiracy to violate drug law and furnishing a false name. According to a police report, detectives conducted an investigation into alleged drug dealing at 18 Bond St. The report says undercover detectives set up a drug deal with Acevedo and Tejada-Pena, and they were arrested with cocaine and heroin.

Other arrests

On Nov. 14, Victoria Rodriguez, 21, of Las Vegas, N.V., was arrested at 23 Cummings St. and charged with sexual conduct for a fee. According to a police report, detectives set up a sting operation, and an undercover detective arranged to meet Rodriguez at 23 Cummings St., La Quinta Inn & Suites. Rodriguez was charging $140 for a half hour and $240 for an hour of sexual contact, the report says. The undercover detetive met her at the hotel and paid her $140, according to the report. The report says she put the money in an ice bucket and gave the detective a condom from the night stand. An arrest team then entered the hotel room and arrested Rodriguez, the report says.

On Nov. 18, Leonardo DeOliveira-Barros, 27, of 84 Flint St., was arrested at that address and charged with destruction of property and entering at night for a felony. He was also arrested on warrants for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, a number plate violation and equipment violation.

Warrant arrests

On Nov. 13, Joseph Dixon, 52, of 278 Powder House Blvd., was arrested at that address on a warrant for operating under the influence of liquor.

On Nov. 14, Rafael Perez-Bautista, 19, of 15 Connecticut Ave., was arrested on warrants for conspiracy to violate drug law, trespassing, drug possession, and assault with a dangerous weapon.

On Nov. 15, Ismael Conception, 27, was arrested at 14 McGrath Highway on warrants for destruction of property and assault with a dangerous weapon.

On Nov. 16, Desiree Moore, 29, of Boston, was arrested at 105 Middlesex Ave. on a warrant for trespassing.

On Nov. 17, Matthew Simoes, 24, of 61 Bow St., was arrested at that address on a warrant for armed robbery.

Matt C November 23, 2012 at 01:41 PM
Most reasonable people believe that the woman working as a prostitute is doing it as a last resort or under some other form of duress. Rather than making a spectacle of the woman who is often forced into prostitution why don't we start making a spectacle of the men who choose to keep this industry thriving.
SomervilleGirl November 24, 2012 at 01:19 AM
Great comment addressing one of the worst abuses of women. Maybe they should make it legal, that way it would be out in the open instead of hidden by the public. But then it would not be the billion dollar industry it is today, would it? It's unfortunate that for many young girls who experience abuse at home, then find the same abuses as runaways and end up with scum of the earth, who get them hooked on drugs and then it's all down hill. One way to combat these issues is to continually instill self-respect and self-esteem so young girls will stay in school and get good educations, allowing them viable economic choices. Independence can make a difference in which road is chosen, but much help in schools as well as social services, our courts and law enforcement also must be in line with what is best for the girls/women and not the men who cultivate this for purposes of greed and degradation. I bet if they did surveys, they would find many were abused as children and also came from impoverished homes of perpetuating cycles of women from previous generations who had no means to make better the lives for their daughters. If they legalize it, they take the power away from those who make it hard to continue this line of business. I would also like to see more done to stop Human trafficking.
Ray December 04, 2012 at 12:42 AM
Legal weed and hookers? Only in Massachusetts. OK maybe California too.
ikonoklast44 December 29, 2012 at 11:48 PM
$140.00 for 1/2 hour is pretty steep. You should at least gt a couple of free drinks.
AHM December 30, 2012 at 12:29 AM
few years ago I had worked for some hookers or whatever we are supposed to call them. I went in, did my work, they paid me and were pleasant and I left. No offers were made to get free work. Wouldn't matter anyway, had a little one at home and a wife to support. Very business like. I am sure that if I wanted on of the ones I worked for it would be way out of my price range. The place was set up businesslike. I didn't go there knowing this, I found out once I got there. They had apartments on pretty nice neighborhoods. Seemed like they were operating on their own. Wasn't what I was expecting form tv and the news. Don't know about their backgrounds but it really looked like they were running it like a business to make money. Didn't see any drugs and they looked like they were very healthy as in they take good care of themselves. That is all I know first hand.


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