Police Booking Log: Package Thief Offers Safety Tip to Citizens Who Caught Him

The following arrest information was supplied by the Somerville Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

Arrests made by the Somerville Police Department from May 20 to May 27. Please remember that the charges listed below do not indicate a conviction.

Assault and battery

On May 20, David Kenny, 27, of 22 Montrose St., was arrested at 1370 Broadway and charged with assault and battery.

On May 20, Courtney Meacomes, 28, of 29 Cutter Ave., was arrested at that address and charged with assault and battery.

On May 25, Antonio DeOliveira, 48, of 25 Webster Ave., was arrested at that address and charged with assault and battery.

On May 26, Rene Hernandez, 27, of 97 Gilman St., was arrested at that address and charged with assault and battery, assault with a dangerous weapon and witness intimidation.

Larceny, theft and shoplifting

On May 22, Thomas Dearmon, 20, of 80 River Rd., was arrested at 233 Cedar St. and charged with larceny and witness intimidation. According to a police report, a Cedar Street resident looked out her living room window and saw Dearmon in front of her neighbor's house, and he then hurried away with a box in his hands. The resident remembered a UPS truck had delivered a box earlier in the day, but it was no longer on the neighbor's porch, the report says. The resident and her husband pursued Dearmon and caught up with him near Franey Road, and he had a swimming suit in his hands, according to the report. They demanded he hand the swimming suit back, and he did, but he also told his pursuers that next time they should call 911 because they could get hurt, the report says. It says police caught up with Dearmon at the Dunkin' Donuts in Magoun Square, and he admitted to taking the box. He recalled to police what he had told the residents: "They should have called 9-1-1 because you never know who you are dealing with."

On May 23, Teresa Colangeli, 31, of Roxbury and Christopher Giacoppo, 25, of Roxbury, were arrested at 255 Elm St. and charged with shoplifting. According to a police report they are accused of shoplifting pants, a sweatshirt, jeans and blouses from Found and some tampons and makeup from Rite Aid, both stores in Davis Square. When police opened Giacoppo's backpack they found a pair of jeans with a Found pricetag still attached and a note that said, "Chris' Stolen Sh*t."

On May 27, Louise Medeiros, 58, and Cristina Medeiros, 30, both of Boston, were arrested at 775 McGrath Highway. Louise Medeiros was charged with shoplifting; Cristina Medeiros was charged with larceny.

Drug-related arrests

On May 21, Kaitlin Gould, 22, of Charlestown, was arrested on Indiana Avenue and charged with drug possession. She was also arrested on warrants for drug possession and trespassing. Gould has been accused of hiding heroin in her bra.

Driving without a license

On May 22, Stanley Resendes, 32, of 42 Oliver St., was arrested on Cross Street and charged with operating with a suspended license.

Other arrests

On May 20, Francisco Rosaaponte, 21, of 153 Alewife Brook Parkway and Manuel Orallana, 18, of 34R North St., were arrested at 34 North St. and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. According to a police report, the two men had been drinking and fighting, and when police arrived they were argumentative and aggressive with the officers, refusing to go home.

On May 24, Karen Maranjo, 18, of 190 Pearl St., Guillermo Moran, 18, of 207 Pearl St., and a juvenile from Somerville were arrested at 91 Highland Ave. and charged with misdemeanor breaking and entering. They are accused of sneaking into the high school after midnight to rig a senior prank involving cups, balloons and small balls.

Warrant arrests

On May 22, Corey McClintic, 29, of North Andover, was arrested in Andover on warrants for larceny.

On May 23, Ronald Cook, 32, of 60 Highland Ave., was arrested at 230 Highland Ave. on a warrant for assault with a dangerous weapon.

On May 25, Thomas Fisher, 29, of Arlington, was arrested at 17 Mason St. on a warrant for breaking and entering.

On May 26, Amanda Huggett, 20, of Medford, was arrested at 77 Middlesex Ave. on warrants for negligent operation of a motor vehicle, failing to stop or yield and speeding.

On May 26, Kristen Ricci, 30, of 1374 Broadway, was arrested at that address on warrants for larceny, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and violating an abuse prevention order.


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