Police Booking Log: Detectives Find Illegal Ammunition During Marijuana Bust

The following arrest information was supplied by the Somerville Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

Arrests made by the Somerville Police Department from Jan. 28 to Feb 2. Please remember that the charges listed below do not indicate a conviction.

Assault and battery

On Jan. 28, Eduardo Jimenez, 63, was arrested at 33 Bailey Rd. and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and threatening to commit crime.

On Jan. 28, Jonathan Sanchez, 37, of East Boston, was arrested at 46A Broadway and charged with assault and battery, armed robbery and witness intimidation. He was also arrested on warrants for larceny. Sanchez is accused of robbing a market and hitting the clerk on the head with a phone.

Larceny and theft

On Jan. 30, Farrah Manning, 37, of 55 Ossipee Rd., was arrested at 20 Thorndike St. and charged with larceny from a building.

Drug-related arrests

On Jan. 30, Ella Mataev, 24, of 164 Broadway, and Joseph Flynn, 21, were arrested at 5 Cross St. and charged with drug possession, drug violation near a school, conspiracy to violate drug law and having ammunition without a firearm identification card. According to a police report, detectives executed a search warrant at 164 Broadway and conducted surveillance in the area. The report says that in connection to the investigation police pulled over Flynn and Mataev on Cross Street. After searching their car and apartment, detectives recovered over three and a half ounces of marijuana along with ammunition and holsters, the report says.

Other arrests

On Jan. 30, Adam Scott, 24, of Woburn, was arrested at 1 Main St. and charged with destruction of property and breaking and entering. 

On Jan. 30, Edward Mahoney, 40, of 29 Minnesota Ave., was arrested at that address and charged with violating an abuse prevention order.

On Jan. 31, Jerry Shead, 39, of 109 Gilman St., was arrested at that address and charged with failure to register as a sex offender.

On Jan. 2, John Casey, of Medford, was arrested at 256 Elm St. and charged with disorderly conduct. 

Warrant arrests

On Jan. 28, Marquille Morrisey, 25, was arrested on Sewall Street on a warrant for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

On Jan. 29, Beau Bedugins, 32, of 16 Concord Ave., was arrested at that address on warrants for assault and battery, receiving stolen property, carrying a dangerous weapon, breaking and entering and larceny.

On Jan. 29, Casey Kolenda, 26, of 454 Medford St., was arrested on Glenwood Road on warrants for driving with a suspended license and a motor-vehicle lights violation.

On Jan. 29, David Graham, 31, of Woburn, was arrested at 20 Third Ave. on warrants for breaking and entering, attempting to commit crime, violating an abuse prevention order, driving an uninsured motor vehicle or trailer, assault and battery, driving with a suspended registration and unlicensed operation.

On Jan. 29, Matthew Graham, 27, of Malden, was arrested at 20 Third Ave. on a warrant for being present where heroin was kept.

On Jan. 30, Jonathan Williams, 31, of Revere, was arrested in Woburn on a warrant for armed robbery. He is accused of robbing a Highland Avenue convenience store at gunpoint.

On Jan. 30, Bryan Exume, 21, of Woburn, was arrested at 5 Cross St. on a warrant for drug possession.

On Jan. 31, Daniel MacLean, 55, was arrested at 268 Washington St. on warrants for violating an abuse prevention order and trespassing.

On Jan. 31, Ryan Perez, 25, of East Boston, was arrested at 225 Pearl St. on a warrant for "child in nude, lascivious pose."


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