Oil Spill in Mystic River

A truck on Boston Avenue in Medford, near Somerville, leaked oil into the river through Medford's storm drain system, a local conservation group said.

File photo
File photo
On Monday, a truck spilled oil into the Mystic River in nearby Medford, according to a Facebook post by the Mystic River Watershed Association.

The post says a truck on Boston Avenue in Medford suffered from a frozen flange due to cold weather, and that oil from the truck "flowed through the storm drains toward the Mystic River."

Here's what the Mystic River Watershed Association, posting on Wednesday afternoon, said on Facebook:

"Oil Spill to the Mystic River in Medford on Boston Ave. on Monday. The truck was holding 1,449 gallons of diesel fuel winter blend. It is reported that a flange at the bottom of the tank froze during the recent frigid weather. The fuel impacted the truck yard and the city’s storm drainage system - oil flowed through the storm drains toward the Mystic River. Cleanup efforts are underway and being monitored by MassDEP and the City of Medford. Updates will be posted as we receive information at www.mysticriver.org."


According to the Mystic River Water Association's website, the oil spill happened at the Erickson Fuel Company at 600 Boston Ave., close to Tufts University and Somerville's Powder House Square.

MassDEP and the Medford Fire Department, Department of Public Works and Environment Office responded to the spill, the website says.

The truck was carrying 1,449 gallons of diesel fuel winter blend, which is cut with kerosene to keep the fuel liquid enough to pump, according to the Mystic River Watershed Association's website.


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