Man in I-93 Rollover Accident Recounts Story, Thanks Rescuers

A 28-year-old Malden resident said he owes his life to an unknown good samaritan who helped free him from the wreckage.

On April 3, the Somerville Fire Department responded to a .

A 28-year-old Malden man who says he was driving the car that rolled over emailed Somerville Patch to thank the people who saved him and recount his story.

Matt Shanbar said he was driving in the middle lane of the highway when an out-of-control car careened into him. "From overhearing witnesses talking to police when I was waiting for the ambulance, a driver tried to get out of the HOV lane ... I saw him when he already lost control," the Malden man wrote.

The cars slid into the right lane and hit the guard rail, Shanbar said.

"That's when my car popped up and flipped onto the roof," he wrote. "The car came to rest on its side, driver's side down."

Shanbar said he owes his life to an unknown man came up to his car and unbuckled his seatbelt. "I was able to get out, where I laid on the side of the road and held my head together until paramedics and state police arrived," he wrote.

Shanbar was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital. He suffered "injury to [the] head, massive blood loss, 14 staples to [the] head, neck and back injuries … but alive," he wrote.

He wanted to thank the man who unbuckled him, the state trooper "who called my wife for me," the paramedics, the doctor who attended him and "everyone at Mass General."

Shanbar is also convinced his car, a BMW, deserves thanks. "I honestly believe I should be dead … I don't know how I'm alive but every airbag deployed and I believe BMW saved me," he wrote.


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