State Police Tactical Team Surrounds East Somerville Home, Forces Surrender

The state police special tactical operations team Monday night helped arrest a suspect wanted on gun-related offenses, according to a statement from state police.

The Massachusetts State Police Special Tactical Operations Team surrounded a Minnesota Avenue home in East Somerville Monday night after a suspect fled into the building, according to a statement from Massachusetts State Police.

The special operations team surrounded 26-28 Minnesota Avenue. According to the statement, the Middlesex State Police Detective Unit called in the team after making a traffic stop in a gun-offenses investigation, and one of the suspects in the stopped car fled into the home.

That suspect ultimately surrendered before the special operations team entered the residence.

According to the statement, state police detectives stopped a Mercedes occupied by two suspects wanted on gun-related offenses. One of the suspects was immediately taken into custody, but the other fled on foot into the Minnesota Avenue home.

State police from Troop A and the Somerville Police Department assisted in the operation, according to the statement.

A heavily armed unit

The appearance of heavily armed police in military fatigues, carrying assault rifles, brought residents of Minnesota Avenue onto their porches to watch the commotion.

Nearby, in the parking lot of the , the tactical operations team set up a base, with several cruisers and an armored vehicle.

One Minnesota Avenue teenager from down the street said the commotion began a little before 5 p.m. "We came outside and we saw cops," the teenager said.

Another neighbor, who came home to find part of the road blocked off, said there were never troubles at the home that was surrounded.

No gunshots were fired, neighbors said.

According to police scanner transmissions monitored on behalf of Somerville Patch, the special operations team was activated at about 6:30 p.m.


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