Detectives Plan Fake Sex and Drugs Party, Make Two Arrests

A 24-year-old woman is accused of selling sex and heroin, and a man is accused of supplying her with the drugs

A Somerville detective told a suspected drug-dealing prostitute he was planning a sex and drugs party, and he asked her to help supply both items, according to a police report.

The sting operation led to two arrests: Joelle Dawson, 24, of Stoneham, was charged with offering sexual conduct for a fee, distributing drugs, conspiracy to violate drug law and drug violation near a school; Charles Ryan, 37, of Roxbury, was also charged with drug distribution, conspiracy to violate drug law and drug violation near a school.

According to the report, Somerville detectives received intelligence that Dawson was involved in prostitution and drug dealing.

The report says one detective, working under cover, exchanged a number of phone calls with her, explaining he was cashing his payroll check and wanted to have a party that would involve sexual acts in addition to the use of heroin and cocaine.

The two arranged to meet at about 1:15 p.m. on Jan. 28, according to the police report, and the detective allegedly negotiated with Dawson about the sexual service and heroin.

The report says Dawson called her drug connections and arranged to meet with Ryan. When they all met, Dawson allegedly charged the detective $40 for the sexual service and $40 for a bag of heroin.

After the exchange, police arrested Dawson and Ryan. According to a booking log, police made the arrests on Lincoln Street in East Somerville.


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