Craziest Somerville Crime Stories of 2013, Part 2

A look at the odd, curious, sometimes lewd Somerville crime stories of 2013.

Credit: Patch.com
Credit: Patch.com
Here's a roundup of some of the craziest, most bizarre and downright lewd Somerville crime stories of 2013.

A few of these stories contain adult content; others will make you scratch your head.

This is part two of the roundup.

Check back with Somerville Patch for part three.

Somerville Detectives Make Discovery in Old-School Video Arcade Game
After a SWAT team drug raid at a Gilman Street home, police found about four ounces of marijuana in a Simpson's video arcade game, according to a report.

Report: Man Poops in Pants After Getting Bounced From Davis Square Club
A drunk 49-year-old Waltham man tried several times to get into Johnny D's, and he eventually threw a punch at someone when he wasn't let in, according to police. The man ultimately made a scene on the street, defecating in his pants, and it took five officers and pepper spray to subdue him, police said.

Woman Kicks Officer in Butt and Groin During Arrest, Says Report
The woman allegedly kicked the officer after she tried to get into her ex-boyfriend's home, according to police.

Robbers Steal Can of Altoids at Gunpoint
Suspects, one of them brandishing a firearm, allegedly took a cell phone, money, and a can of Altoid mints in this Davis Square robbery.

Report: Man in 'Pum Pum' Shorts Exposes Himself
A 63-year-old man on Beacon Street allegedly pulled his short-shorts down and, hands on hips, exposed himself to a woman walking her dog.

Report: Drunk Woman Throws Stones at Wrong House
A "highly intoxicated" woman threw stones and rocks at the side of a Medford Street home, banged on the front door, screamed with a "piercing voice," and challenged whoever was inside to have the "guts to come to the door," according to allegations in a police report. According to the report, the woman was at the wrong address.

Please remember that arrest information is supplied by the Somerville Police Department, and where charges are mentioned they do not indicate a conviction.


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