Three Pieces of Advice for New Parents in Somerville?

Our Mom's Council offers some food for thought

This week’s open-ended question come to us from Alison Mitchell.

Question: What three pieces of advice would you give new parents in Somerville?

Answer, Alison Mitchell:

  1. Join the SomervilleMoms Yahoo Group - a great way to exchange information with 1600+ local parents.
  2. Talk to people.  The best way to meet other parents is by starting a conversation - at the park, the grocery store, the library, wherever you happen to be.  
  3. Even though you're exhausted, consider doing some "grown up" things while your baby is still portable - going out to dinner, going to a museum (the Somerville Library has passes to many area museums - a super resource) etc.  My kids are now almost 5 and 2 3/4 and I truly wish I'd toted them along to more things when they were younger - it's an entirely different experience taking them along now!  

Answer, Alisa Stendardo:

  1. Take advantage of all the babysitting talent at Tufts (and other nearby universities) and hire a sitter so you and your partner can enjoy a night out every once in a while.
  2. Invest in a good stroller so you can take your little one for a walk on the bike path or around to the many parks, cafés and restaurants that are child friendly in this area.
  3. Echoing Alison – take advantage of the enormous parent network here in Somerville. Be social, exchange ideas and learn from each other whether in person or through Somerville Moms Group.


Alisa Stendardo is a full-time working mom living in Somerville and is the founder of the workingmomsomerville Yahoo Group, which meets on the first Thursday of every month at Diesel at 8 p.m. Her son just turned one.

Alison Mitchell is mom to Katherine, 4 1/2 and Sophie, 2 1/2, and moderator of the SomervilleMoms Yahoo Groups. 

Kate van Sleet: I’m a paralegal for public television, but my primary job title is "Mom" to my 17-month-old daughter.  I chose to join the council because though I have lived in Somerville for nearly ten years, I am new to the world of parenting and would love to connect with other parents in the neighborhood.  My family loves Somerville and is always looking for ways to participate in the community.  I also serve on the Board of Trustees of the Somerville Public Library. 

Lucas Friedlaender: I’m  a father of three (a 5-year-old, a 4-year-old and a 15-month old) and I co-own Twinkle Star Baby Boutique in Porter Square with my wife Kerri Friedlaender, so I’m around kids and the children’s world all day everyday. My wife and I are pretty involved in parenting circles in Somerville.


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