Watch: 'Greater Somerville's' Mid-Summer Wrap-Up of Somerville News

Hosts KyAnn Anderson and Joe Lynch discuss IKEA, Wal-Mart, the Somerville Progressive Charter School, Maxwell's Green and more.

"Greater Somerville" this held mid-summer wrap-up of hot topics in Somerville.

Here's information about the episode from "Greater Somerville":

"On this week's 'Greater Somerville' with Joe Lynch and KyAnn Anderson, the co-hosts chatted up a wide range of relevant Somerville subjects from Lynch's rants about rats to architect Anderson's slam at the 'Maxwell's Green Monster,' to welcoming new Somerville businesses and lamenting those who have departed the city. IKEA, East Somerville Community School, new charter school, painting houses, local politics and Elizabeth Warren's snub of the show. All of this and more packed into the 28 minutes of air time. Watch it here and be sure to go to greatersomerville.wordpress.com for all your Greater Somerville episodes."

You can watch the episode here.


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