GoFundMe Campaign Seeks to Prevent Homelessness

The Somerville Homeless Coalition is among those with a GoFundMe campaign.

There are all sorts of GoFundMe campaigns out there.

One of them, started in March, is for the Somerville Homeless Coalition.

Here's the description of the campaign on GoFundMe

"We've done great work this year and prevented 387 people from becoming homeless, moved 11 families from our family shelter into housing, now support 175 people in permanent housing, had over 2,700 visits at our food pantry. We went out on a limb and hired more staff to do the work and need to raise more money to pay for the good work they are doing. Please help us if you can."

If that sounds like a campaign you'd like to get behind, check it out here.

Here's some more information about GoFundMe campaigns in the Somerville area.
Joe Beckmann December 12, 2013 at 08:57 AM
Interesting positioning of news stories: millionaires v. homeless. How much do the brokers contribute to the Homeless Coalition?? At a 2% contribution, we could have bought a condo for the homeless. Why not ask the new Board of Aldermen to do just that!!!


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