OPENSOUND: improvised and experimental music

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Opensound, a monthly concert series of improvised and experimental music

Next Concert: Saturday, Nov 10 2012


Harmonic Discordance

A drone infused graphic score for Tibetan singing bowls, overtone-tuned steel rods, & string harmonics.

Matt Samolis, singing bowls and steel rods
Randy Winchester, steel rods
Morgan Evans-Weiller, violin
Eve Boltax, viola
Simon Linn-Gerstein, cello
Jane Wang, contrabass

Tim Tsang, a.k.a. "Moogist"

Minimoog, Electronics

The Mimi Rabson Trio

Mimi Harris Rabson, 5 string violin
Alishah Raven, 5 string violin
Junko Fujiwara, cello

Opensound is a monthly concert series that explores improvised and experimental music, bringing artists from disparate backgrounds together for unique events in Somerville MA. The process of improvisation combines the distinctive voices of its individual performers. The music that results is often surprising, unconventional and dynamic. It s not uncommon to hear music made of electronic crackles, noisy multi-phonics, gurgling, hissing, quiet vocalized gibberish, atonal noodling, bowed metal, blowing sounds, post-everything harmony, and a thousand shades of hullabaloo.

You may also see video and dance cohabitating with buzzes, clicks, drones, wooshes, and bleeps in a bizarre galaxy of pitch and spectra!

Some Bios
Tim Tsang is a composer, performer, producer, and remix artist born in Hong Kong, raised in Vancouver, Canada and is now based in Boston, MA. Using the piano and synthesizer along with laptop and electronics, his work floats between brute force and careful contemplation. He studied at Berklee College of Music, and has written and performed music for Minimoog, piano, choir, video, and laptop.
Best known as the "Moogist", Tsang explores the use of the Minimoog in various music genres and artistic media, and collaborates with music producers, composers, dancers/choreographers, and visual artists from Germany, Japan, Canada, and the US. His expansive creative processes are documented online over a span of over 120 videos. He has given numerous solo performances at concert halls, art galleries, churches, nightclubs, and more, and has also performed/toured with various bands/groups: Business For Pleasure, Complicated Handshake, Elizabeth Poe, GB3, 25 Hours a Day, and ElephantFeedMonkey.
Upcoming 2012 Concerts
December 15: Bolt, Grau Garden, Band/Flower, Andrew Neumann


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