2nd public discussion group organized by People for Democratic Revolution

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We will be discussing all things related to real equality and real democracy. People for Democratic Revolution's goals are:



Establish a classless society based on the Golden Rule, in which there is equality of condition with no one being rich and no one being poor.


End poverty and war by defeating the ruling elite and establishing real democracy based on voluntary federation, with decisions made locally and not subject to override by a central or federal government.




Build a revolutionary movement so strong, and with enough support from ordinary Americans and their families including large portions of the armed services, that it will have the strength and courage and conviction to do what is necessary to WIN the class war.


This movement will be based on the positive values of ordinary people, the majority of human beings, the 99%, and it will reject the horrid values of the greedy, oppressive, sadistic, amoral ruling class of billionaires.


This movement will create the structures and organizations that will enable ordinary people to take charge of society, to take back our planet from the ruling class and create a much better world.




Engage people everywhere in discussions about how the world SHOULD be and how we can make it that way. 


This kind of discussion took place thousands of times a day during the decades leading up to the Spanish Revolution of 1936-9. This revolution created in more than half of Spain a classless society with full employment and record breaking production of agriculture and goods.  It was a revolution for real democracy and real equality, and it was an inspiring expression of human dignity and positive values.  It was the majority of people who, with the confidence in each other that developed from decades of discussing what society should be like and organizing their lives based on those principles as much as they could, brought about one of the greatest social revolutions for equality in human history. The revolution, though defeated militarily by Fascists because it was weakened politically by Communists, demonstrated nonetheless that a classless society with no rich and no poor can work just fine.


It starts with one discussion.  And then another, and then a larger one, and a larger one still. Come join the discussion.  How should the world be?  How can we make it that way?

We will be discussing all things related to real equality including "Thinking About Revolution" which you can find at        www.NewDemocracyWorld.org


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