WEEK IN REVIEW: Helicopter Manhunt, Explosions, State of the City

A look at the week's top stories in Somerville.

Somerville, Medford and state police set up a perimeter in a normally quiet West Somerville neighborhood Monday night after a car chase that started in East Somerville. The chase started after reports of shots being fired, and police conducted a brief manhunt with help from a helicopter and K9s. Three suspects from Charlestown were ultimately arrested on Monday and police found a pistol. Police arrested a fourth suspect on Thursday.

Garage Fire Near Davis Square 'Sounded Like a Big Explosion' [Photos]
Firefighters put out a garage fire on Jay Street, near Davis Square, Monday. Neighbors said the fire burst into existance like an explosion.

Mayor: 'We Will Build America's Greatest Urban Living Experience'
Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone delivered the State of the City Address Monday. He spoke about improving the city's schools and said it's East Somerville's turn to receive investment.

A series of four loud explosion noises woke residents near Ball Square at around 4 a.m. Wednesday. Police, fire and NSTAR officials were unable to determine the cause. Somerville isn't the only place to have experienced mysterious explosion noises recently.

Magoun Square Could Get 'Naked' … in a City Planning Kind of Way
As part of the Somerville by Design program, city planners Tuesday presented drawings and plans for the future of Magoun, Ball and Gilman squares.

Somerville Resident to be Charged in Connection to Arlington and Waltham Bank Robberies
Two individuals—one from Somerville—were charged in connection to bank robberies that took place in Arlington and Waltham Tuesday afternoon. Andrea Koutis, a 30-year-old Arlington woman, and Erik Stout, 35, of Somerville, were accused of robbing the East Cambridge Savings Bank on Broadway in Arlington and the Sovereign Bank on Trapelo Road in Waltham.

Somerville Momentarily Runs Out of Flu Vaccines
In the middle of a regional flu outbreak, Somerville announced Thursday its health department had run out of flu vaccines. Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone urged the public not to panic. He said the reason the city's health department—which administers flu shots for free—ran out was because it had conducted a succesful outreach initiative to get people vaccinated. He also said the city's hospitals and pharmacies had vaccines available. After the announcement, the Cambridge Health Alliance announced it was donating 100 extra doses of vaccine to the city.

Restaurant News: Work on La Brasa in East Somerville Could Begin Soon
One person familiar with the highly anticipated East Somerville restaurant said work on the project could begin within the month.

A Thursday afternoon bedroom fire on Bonair Street could have been a lot worse had it not been for the quick actions taken by an off-duty firefighter who recently joined the city's fire department.


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