WEEK IN REVIEW: Digging Out from a Storm

Also, a bar and a donut shop open, a chicken is rescued, and some news from the Board of Aldermen.

Digging out from a blizzard
A snow storm dumped nearly 28 inches of snow on Somerville over the weekend, and the city spent most of the week digging out. , five days after it began. Some expressed frustration that it took so long to clean up after the storm, while others felt it was an historic weather event, something inevitably difficult to deal with. 

Burro Bar opens
A new bar in Davis Square, Burro Bar, opened Tuesday. A sibling of the Painted Burro restaurant, next door, Burro Bar serves a wide array of tequila and beer along with Mexican food.

Chicken rescued from snow bank
Somerville police rescued a chicken that was stuck in a snow bank Tuesday. The chicken was eventually returned to its Cherry Street owner.

Union Square Donuts
A new donut shop that serves uniquely flavored donuts, like chocolate-chipotle and maple-bacon, opened near Union Square Thursday.

Debate about "quick deploy" police cameras
Two "quick deploy" police cameras, given to the Somerville Police Department, have caused some debate in the Somerville Board of Aldermen. Ward 6 Alderman Rebekah Gewirtz, among some others, has concerns the cameras could be used in ways that infringe on resident's First Amendment rights. On Thursday, Somerville Police Chief Thomas Pasquarello described how the cameras would be used. He said they would not be used to monitor crowds and protests.

Alderman says "boycott Burger King" until it shovels sidewalk
Ward 2 Maryann Heuston was livid when, according to her, Burger King hadn't shoveled its sidewalks five days after the weekend blizzard. She said the fast food company should be "ashamed" and she said residents should "boycott" the restaurant until it shovels.


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