Somerville Protesters Sing 'M.T.A.' Before Occupy Boston Rally [VIDEO]

The 1949 campaign song protesting fare hikes in Boston is suddenly relevant again.

Members of Occupy Somerville gathered at Davis Square Station Monday afternoon before to protest .

Before heading into Copley Square for the rally, the Somerville protesters dusted off one of Boston's favorite songs: "M.T.A.," commonly known as "Charlie on the M.T.A."

The song was created in 1949 to promote the mayoral campaign of Progressive Party candidate Walter O'Brien, and it was originally written to protest fare hikes on the MTA, the MBTA's predecessor. 

Nearly 63 years later, the song maintains much of its relevance. In fact Somerville Occupiers changed just one line, a reference to O'Brien's campaign, before singing the song.

They also wrote a new version, with a new chorus: 

The people got burned
The banks stole what we earned
But we won't let 'em steal the T!
We will ride forever
'neath the streets of Boston
Public trains, they ought be free

Susan McLucas, who led singers with her guitar, said people are up in arms over the proposed fare increases and service cuts, which she called "disastrous."

"We should be increasing the service, we have the most ridership ever," she said.


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