Photos: Union Square Hubway Station

Bike sharing is officially in Somerville.

Somerville, along with Cambridge, Boston and Brookline, will in the Boston area.

Three Hubway stations are already installed in Somerville, and .

Here are some photos of the new Hubway station in Union Square, near the . It has space for 19 Hubway bikes. The other two stations currently installed are at the intersection of Washington and Beacon streets and at .

Mike Oliviera August 06, 2012 at 10:26 PM
I really want to get behind it... I really do... but I really can't. So far, every hubway station that I've considered renting one of their bikes and riding to has been full. The company line on the matter: If you're at the end of your 30 minutes, you have 15 minutes to get it to a non-full rack before we start charging you. If they say they're trying to give people, cheap, reliable access to bicycle based, point-a to point-b transportation, but can't consistently iron out the logistics of the 'reliable ... point-a to point-b transportation' aspect of that, then their service becomes 'give people access to bicycles,' which, unless you're a tourist, is of limited usefulness. If I was out for a casual ride, OK. I don't mind riding half a mile to the next one and walking. Going to work? If one is full, there's a good chance that the others will be, too. Enjoy being 40 minutes late to work after chasing down the nearest empty rack and walking cabbing to work. If I'm getting it to ride to the grocery store, a mile away, and as I'm riding back, the station fills up, and now I have to find an open one and walk half mile home. What's the point of not having walked to begin with? I'm not stupid. I understand that there are some workarounds to these problems. Considering that it's $85/year for the service, *and* the city (us) had to buy the equipment off of them to begin with, it really just seems like they're not making enough of an effort to aid in the logistics.
Sand Man August 10, 2012 at 12:31 AM
Bike enforcement has evaporated...in this atmosphere, we now have Hubway... If you are a pedestrian, you will have to walk DEFENSIVELY now more than ever, in this so-called "Walkable City!" The Mayor is always on board with the Next Big Thing--and it isn't public safety!


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