PHOTOS: People Doing Silly Things with Recycling Containers

The photos are prize-winning entries in the city's "It's the Love Tote" photo contest.

Somerville rolled out Zero Sort recycling citywide in October, and by the end of the year, , according to Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone in his inaugural address.

To promote the new recycling system, in which residents put all their recyclable goods, without sorting them, into large rolling bins called "toters," the city ran a , seeking creative images of citizens and their toters.

According to an announcement from the city, there were 37 entries, and Tuesday the city announced the winners:

  • Grand prize: "Come Together, Right Now … and Don't Sort," submitted by Deborah Baskin, Liam Campbell, Fiona Campbell, Theo Gounden-Rock, Izzy Larsen, Ben Larsen and Zara Gounden-Rock of Orchard Street.
  • Second prize, for most magical: "The Magic of Recycling: Barrels of Fun!" submitted by Louise Marks of Grand View Avenue.
  • Third prize, for most unlikely location: "Tote Fishing," submitted by Nicholas Capuano, 10, of Porter Street
  • Best submission under age 12, and most romantic: "Love at First Site," submitted by Valerie Farley, 10, of Willow Avenue. In her photo, she depicts the moment her toter and her compost bin first meet.
  • Most stylish/best dressed: "It's Hip to Recycle," submitted by Erin Geno of Sycamore Street, for her photo of a giant toter mustache.
  • Best toter-on-the-town moment: Awarded to Sarah Hutchinson and Erin Scholomiti of Holland Street, who brought their toter to .
  • Most likely to inspire others to recycle: "Even Kids Can Get into Zero-Sort Recycling," submitted by Aaron Helsinger of Lesley Avenue.
  • Most likely to inspire holiday recycling: Awarded to Lisa McFarren of Willow Avenue, who transformed her two puppy dogs into Zero-Sort-toting reindeer.

The Grand Prize winners received a $50 gift certificate to the , plus Curtatone picked up their recycling on Orchard Street on Wednesday, after which Jimmy Del Ponte performed his song, "The Love Tote."

All entries will be edited into a music video of "The Love Tote," which, when complete, can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/user/SomervilleCityTV

Jonathan Buck February 09, 2012 at 09:41 PM
The other 2 are much better than the Beatles one


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