PHOTO: Cantabrigian Blames Somervillians for Dog Poop

A homemade sign in Cambridge suggests Somerville dog owners are using Cambridge as a doggie toilet.

Thanks to Camberville Penny, who Tweets as @camberville, for drawing attention to another point of friction between Somerville and Cambridge.

On Cameron Avenue, about half a block on the Cambridge side of the border, someone has posted a sign that makes certain insinuations about Somerville dog owners.

The sign reads, in all capital letters:

Attention dog owners

This is not your personal bathroom for your dog! 

Please pick up after your dog - if you do not let your dog go on your front sidewalk or home, please do not let them do it here!

Cambridge has an ordinance where dog owners are to clean up after their dogs. Since most of you come from Somerville - please respect the residence [sic] of Cambridge.

Thank you.

Apparently, barbarian tribes from the northern land of Somervillium have been encroaching on Cambridge territory, a civilized place with a pooper-scooper ordinance, and allowing their dogs to defecate at will, with nary an intention to pick up the mess with plastic baggies.

Just to be clear, Somerville, too, has a Lex Excrementum Pickus Uppus (that's "pooper scooper ordinance" for those of you not fluent in Latin).

If you get caught letting your dog dump and run, you face a $50 fine.

Also, please pick up after your dog.


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