Nearby News: See How Arlington Got Messed Up By Wednesday's Storm

Plus, a Medford woman spots a man with his pants around his knees, a knifing in Charlestown's Monument Square, and a man gets punched out on the MBTA.


If you thought Wednesday's storm hit Somerville hard, take a look at what happened next door in Arlington. Wow.


A woman fishing with her husband on the Medford side of Lower Mystic Lake during the evening of July 15 called police at about 6:45 p.m. after she spotted a man with his pants around his knees on the Arlington side who appeared to be masturbating, according to Arlington police. — John Waller


Police arrested Charlestown resident John Delaney July 13 in connection with a stabbing that occurred in Monument Square last week. Around 1 a.m. on July 11, officers responded to 14 Monument Square for a report of an assault with a dangerous weapon. When police got there, they found emergency medical responders treating a victim who had suffered a knife wound. Officers found a bloody steak knife in the victim’s apartment and blood on the walls leading to her apartment. — Matt Casey


Transit Police have sent out an alert that they are looking for a man suspected of knocking another rider unconscious. The incident took place June 16 at . A man who police believe to be 22 told a 55-year-old he would steal his girlfriend, according to police reports. The younger man then punched the older man above his right eye. The blow knocked out the 55-year-old. — Chris Helms


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