Nearby News: Poisoning Dogs in Charlestown, Homage to Mitt Romney's Dog in JP

Also, a middle school fight in Arlington and marijuana smuggling in Medford.


Residents Report Landscaper Attempting to Poison Dogs
If you walk your dog on Medford Street near its intersection with Main Street and Bunker Hill Street, don’t let it eat anything. Three dog owners recently told police at District A-15 they saw a landscaper at the Bricklayers Apprentice Fund at 550 Medford St. leave what they believe to be poisoned hot dog pieces on the grass. The resident who reported the incident told police that he saw the landscaper with “a [five]-gallon bucket of a blue/green solution believed to be antifreeze with hot dogs soaking inside.” — Matt Casey

Jamaica Plain

Republican nominee for president, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, won't be winning JP. Or the state he used to govern, for that matter. But you'll still see evidence of the presidential campaign here and there in Boston. JP resident Gretchen Van Ness noticed an homage to the 12-hour ride the Romney's Irish Setter, Seamus, was forced to endure on a family vacation in 1983. — Chris Helms


Judge: Medford Pot Smuggler Must Forfeit $900K
A Medford man has been ordered to forfeit nearly a million dollars as part of his plea agreement in a large scale marijuana smuggling conspiracy, according to court records. Huy Hoang Nguyen—known to his accomplices as "Boston"—struck a plea agreement with federal prosecutors in western New York in July, pleading guilty to a count of conspiracy to possess at least 100 kilograms of marijuana. — Jarret Bencks


Police Respond to Middle School Fight at Ottoson
An Ottoson Middle School student allegedly started punching another student in the head Wednesday morning on the way into school. The student who threw the punches told police that the other student had been “aggravating him/her for quite some time and he/she couldn’t take it anymore and decided to punch [the other student] in the head,” according to the police report. — John Waller


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