Nearby News: Brutal Halloween Attack in Charlestown

Also, anti-semetic and racist words in Arlington, a pizza restaurant owes $850,000 in back wages and a Medford Johnnie's is becoming a Stop and Shop.


Police report that a brutal attack on a 26-year-old woman knocked her unconscious on Halloween night. The woman reports being struck on the back of the head and knocked out. Police met with her the next morning after friends had taken her to Massachusetts General Hospital. She was suffering from injuries to her face, mouth and arm, police report. — Chris Helms


Police responded to Broadway at about noon Wednesday to investigate a possible hate crime. Once there, police heard from the reporting party, who said that someone had drawn offensive material into the dust on her car on two separate occasions. The night of Halloween, Wednesday, Oct. 31, someone had drawn a swastika on her car’s back window, she said. At the time, she thought it was a random act. Then on Monday, Nov. 5, she woke up to find another swastika in the dust on her car, along with the “N-word,” she said. That’s when she decided to call police. — John Waller


The U.S. Labor Department filed court papers claiming that Upper Crust pizzeria owes workers $850,000 in back wages, according to a Boston Globe report. — Kimberly Ashton


Stop and Shop to Lease Medford Foodmaster Location
The Foodmaster on Salem Street in Medford is closing, but there are already plans in place to open a new supermarket at its storefront. Supermarket chain Stop and Shop plans to aquire the lease at 471 Salem St. before the end of 2012 and then open a store there, according to a press release from Stop and Shop. — Jarret Bencks


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