Nearby News: Arlington Friends Decide to Settle It ‘Like Men’

Also, a knife incident at a Malden school, a pizza delivery person robbed in Charlestown, and Medford reacts to the Newtown shooting.


Two best friends were in a car on Old Mystic Street at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday when they began to argue over “something stupid,” according to the friend who was driving. The driver told police he soon pulled over so that they could “settle the argument like men.” — John Waller


Police Reports: Pizza Delivery Man Robbed
A Papa Gino's delivery person told police that, as he was making a delivery at a Walford Way home on Saturday, Dec. 15, two suspects pulled him into the hallway, showed a handgun and took his money. — Becca Manning


Linden School 'Safe and Sound' After Knife Incident
A student at Linden Elementary School was reportedly found to be carrying a knife that was later surrendered to school officials. No one was hurt in the incident. — Chris Caesar


Police Will Be Stationed at Medford Schools Following Newtown Tragedy
Uniformed and plain clothes police officers will be stationed at all Medford Public School buildings from now into January, among other additional security measures announced by Superintendent Roy Belson. — Daniel DeMaina


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