McGrath Highway is Home to Somerville's Worst Intersections, Say Patch Readers

We asked, "What's the most dangerous intersection in Somerville?" Here's what people said.

McGrath Highway with many people these days.

We asked readers to weigh in on what they thought were the worst intersections in Somerville, and most of them chose exchanges that involved the old, crumbling highway.

"McGrath Highway and Washington Street is nasty for pedestrians and cyclists," commented Mark.

"That overpass is a monstrosity, it creates a great many dangers for walkers and bikers, people drive too fast on it, plus, as a woman, I don't feel particularly safe walking under that overpass at night," commented mplo.

Pauline Lim wrote, "Brickbottom residents call the ramp up to McGrath 'Scary Way,' because we have to walk under it to get home. People dump all sorts of trash underneath it, and the traffic island between the Herb Chambers off-ramp and the McGrath on-ramp is always littered with broken glass and rusty metal scraps."

, a blogger on Somerville Patch, also picked McGrath as home to the worst intersections in the city city. He commented, "McGrath Highway/Fellsway and Mystic Ave/I-93. This whole area is confusing for motorists and practically unnavigable for pedestrians and bicyclists!"

It wasn't the only intersection people didn't like. Here are some others:

Central and Highland

"Central and Highland is much smaller than the other intersections mentioned, but cramped, fast, and nasty," commented Lucas Rogers. "I believe it was found to be the most dangerous intersection in Ward 3 in Somerville. It should really be much more friendly for pedestrians."

Powder House Rotary

"Pedestrian nightmare. Confusing for cars, bikes, and pedestrians," wrote cp kostos.

"Totally agree with Powder House Circle," commented JJ. "A roundabout with traffic lights? C'mon. Two back-to-back red lights and suddenly traffic is backed up down every street leading to it. Make it a proper roundabout. Stop signs I can see, but traffic lights just makes it a really poorly designed intersection."

It's possible JJ is that person in the Jag who always merges into Powder House in the wrong direction, as roundabouts, I think, are mostly found in Britain. (JJ knows I'm just joshin'.)

Bow Street and Somerville Avenue

Jennifer D. does not like the . "Really it is just a matter of time before someone gets killed and a lot of Somerville residents will be saying "I told you so..." she commented.

Cameron Avenue and Holland Avenue

Jackie Lane wrote: "I've seen lots of cars pulling out of Cameron screech on their brakes because you can't see cars coming from up the Holland Ave. hill. They need a 'no parking from here til corner' sign to allow cars to see to the left."

Julia Prange Wallerce July 16, 2012 at 08:05 PM
I have to say I feel the OPPOSITE about the new traffic configuration on Bow Street- as a resident there, I feel the new narrowed lanes, bike lane, and back angle parking makes the street and intersection with Somerville Ave far safer for everyone.
Melissa Wintturi July 16, 2012 at 08:50 PM
I may also add the intersection of Summer street and Prescott street. People fly down Prescott, and then the parked cars on Summer Street block the view of oncoming traffic when you're at the intersection. I've seen tons of accidents here, especially in the winter.
Melissa Wintturi July 16, 2012 at 08:50 PM
I agree that McGrath is awful though. The city should just tear the whole thing down and start from scratch.


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