HONK! Image Wins Somerville Patch Facebook Photo Contest

Delia Marshall's photo captures much of what characterizes Somerville.

Update: Due to some slight confusion about the uploading process, the photo was originally credited to Diane Cline. In fact, it was taken by Delia Marshall and depicts Diane Cline (on the right), who's director of El Sistema Somerville (see below). Corrections have been made.


Congratulations to Delia Marshall!

Marshall's photo won our Facebook photo contest. 

We asked readers to upload photos that best represent Somerville, and we then asked people to vote for their favorite. The winning photo will grace the top of the Somerville Patch Facebook page. In addition, the winning photographer will get a $50 gift card.

Marshall's photo depicts a diverse group of Somervillians, children and adults, at Somerville's annual HONK! festival. In one shot, she manages to capture much of what characterizes this city: its youth, its artistic vibe, its ethnic diversity, its vibrant public squares.

Since it's original posting, we've learned a little bit more about the photo. The kids in the photo are part of the El Sistema Somerville music program, a new afterschool program that promotes academic achievement and character development through musical training.

It's worth checking out some of the other entries in the contest, by "Jeanine," which include amazing shots of the city. All of them would look awesome at the top of Somerville Patch's Facebook page; voters had a tough choice.

Once again, congratulations to Delia Marshall. We will put your photo on our Facebook page soon. You should all visit Facebook to admire it.


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