Escape: So Much Better Than Finger Painting

Forget the kids—it's your turn to get messy.

Disclaimer #1: We realize the following may trigger flashbacks to that scene in Ghost.

Disclaimer #2: We are 99.9 percent sure the following will be nothing like that scene in Ghost.

How many times lately have you thought to yourself, I really need to work with my hands? Ten? Five? Okay, let's go with once. Once is definitely enough to make you appreciate the upcoming Wheelthrowing Intro at Mudflat Studio in Somerville. Hosted in the studio's new location at the former (and recently-renovated-with-$3.8-million, thank you very much) Broadway Theater, the workshop serves as a primer for those who have always wanted to work with a potter's wheel but aren't yet sure they want to commit to a full series of classes.

Taking place this Sunday, Oct. 16, from 1-4 p.m., the Wheelthrowing Intro will certainly give you a chance to get your hands very dirty, as you toil away at the wheel making a custom creation. You'll leave your pot at the studio to be glazed and fired, then pick it up about three weeks later. One of the best parts? The class is limited to eight people, so there's a lot of student-instructor interaction. (We checked, by the way: There are still a few seats left.)

Play your pottery-making cards right and you might actually have a handmade pot ready in time to show off at the family Thanksgiving dinner. Just think of how much better the mashed sweet potatoes will look in that.

For more information, visit the Mudflat Studio Web site or call 617-628-0589.

About this column: Each week, Melrose Patch presents a way for moms (and parents) to enjoy some much needed me-time.

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