Where did you park during super-storm Nemo?

Fill out this short survey to let us know where you parked during the recent blizzard!

Mark Chase wants to know... 

Somerville car-owners, where did you park during super-storm Nemo?

Beacon Street is controversial because of the heartburn over losing parking on one side of the street for a portion of the project. Nemo came to town, took half the parking throughout the City and left us with nothing but a lot of snow to shovel. If you own a car in Somerville, where did you park during super-storm Nemo? Answer this survey and we'll publish the results next week. This survey maxes out at 100 responses (free version of Survey Monkey). So if you’re blocked, leave a comment below and we’ll put up a new survey that works.

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Tony delmonico February 16, 2013 at 05:08 PM
there was never any plowing to the curb. I shoveled for 8 hours over the course of the last week. what was most upsetting is that the city went to the trouble of sending a truck to throw away good people's chairs, but can't plow them parking spaces. *a government or institution that acts on what they can do as opposed to what they should do is corrupt.
Carla February 16, 2013 at 05:24 PM
I think I would have more faith in a parking study that wasn't being conducting by people with such an inherent bias towards getting it removed. Just sayin'
Domenic Ruccio, Jr. February 16, 2013 at 05:44 PM
Charlie, I certainly agree that data collection is critical to get . But reliable data. The problem is that much of the data collection for this plan has been dishonest, e.g., the parking study done by the City consultant group DCI, or conducted by amateurs without a thoughtful methodology and with an agenda, e.g., the BCU's stopping people randomly on Beacon St. to ask what mode of transportation they used to get to Beacon. I do not know much about conducting surveys from which important conclusions will be drawn, but I do know that it takes a complex and sophisticated methodology to get reliable results. I don't quite see how asking 100 people from all over Somerville where they park is really going to tell us much. And certainly isn't terribly relevant to the Beacon St. situation. I agree, parking situations should be taken on a case by case basis, as all streets and neighborhoods are idiosyncratic. Which is precisely why taking parking away from Beacon St. is unworkable while taking it away from another street might not be. The same applies to cycle tracks. Fine in some places, but very dangerous on a street with as many driveways and cross streets as Beacon. The real question in all this is why the Mayor is trying so desperately to fit the square peg that this plan is into the round hole that is Beacon Street??? For a cycle track that runs for the incredibly short distance of .4mile.
Elizabeth Rose February 16, 2013 at 07:55 PM
The Patch also did a 'survey' to rate somerville's snow removal score. The next day they reported how the city received an 'A' , as if there was no room for improvement (according to the residents) . C'mon.... really Patch?
LUllman February 18, 2013 at 06:51 PM
In general, the city of somerville and its contractors did a respectable job with plowing along and in the immediate vicinity of beacon street, under difficult circumstances. There were too many people on the street during and in the immediate aftermath of these storms; pedestrians, bikers, and other motorists clogged the streets while large vehicles with limited visibility were attempting to clear the snow away. HOWEVER, city and contractor snow removal units had an opportunity to get closer to both curbside and parking sides of the street during the snow emergency, and did not. These conditions were made worse by nitwits who tunneled the shortest and quickest path to their automobiles, leaving mountains of snow and even more narrow streets in their wake. Furthermore, the city has been slow to provide followup snow removal along beacon street. These unsafe conditions persist. Shame on the city of somerville for leaving these mazes of snow along beacon street for the sake of a photo opportunity for Design Consultants. They took their pictures on Friday, please can you clear the snow now...


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