You Ask, Patch Answers: What's Going on at 120 Beacon St.?

A long-vacant space near one of the city's best restaurants could be home to an Xfinity storefront.

I recently got an interesting question via Twitter.

J.J's Boston (@JJReardon1) asked, "Any idea what'll be going in next to Bergamot at 120 Beacon? I see construction workers in long vacated spot."

Mr. Reardon was asking about a space near Bergamot, a restaurant at the corner of Beacon and Washington streets, that I believe was once home to a video rental place. (In fact, I think I still have the membership card, which you can see in the photos section to the right.) That spot has been vacant for a long time.

I asked Somerville's planning department what's going on there.

Daniel Bartman, a senior planner with the city, said there's an application before the planning department to divide the storefront into two spaces.

The bigger of the two spaces would be a Comcast retail store. Having such a real store would be a new thing for Comcast, Bartman said, and the store would look like a home-theatre showroom of the sort you might find at Best Buy: audio/visual gear in simulated living rooms. It would feature Xfinity products.

No word on what the other of the two spaces would contain.

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